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The next generation in machine tending automation
Developed with high-mix low-volume manufacturers in mind, CoboTend is an easy to programme and simple to customise mobile cobot unit.
The self-contained unit incorporates many unique design features, enabling the user to lift and relocate where and when required.

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Key features:
Increase productivity with 24/7 working capability
Automate multiple processes
Reduce operator fatigue and injury
Quick change tool mount
Move from one machine or process to another in minutes

CoboTend features a single button press to remove and relocate different end effectors or grippers. Measure downtime between other jobs in single minutes and not hours. 

8% of manufacturing workplace accidents occur due to repetitive motions, and 24% are due to overexertion. CoboTend automates and streamlines repetitive industrial processes, increasing safety for your workers and freeing them up to work on high value, more profitable tasks.

CoboTend improves profitability of low margin manufacturing processes by increasing throughput and productivity. 

It also allows for production to continue after operators have left the workshop as cobots can run “lights out”, meaning you can take on bigger jobs. 

Intelligent sensor technology checks every component for size and placement before initiating machine cycle start. Any incorrect elements are removed and replaced, eliminating costly machine tool collisions, spindle damage, machine downtime and expensive repairs.

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Quick tool end effector changes
End effectors deliver quick and accurate loading/unloading times
Intelligent sensor technology
Automate multiple processes
with hundreds of stored programmes
Swap between machines in minutes
24/7 functionality
Agile CNC machine tending unit
Six axis cobot arm provides maximum flexibility
Component specific machined pallets
Dual laser scanners with safety zone functionality
ROI within a year with correct deployment
More cost-effective then industrial robots
Cobots Online were very knowledgeable on the cobots that have been installed on-site. They were very helpful whenever we asked questions. They always made sure we understood what they was doing and why they were doing it. Equally they were very receptive to our thoughts and ideas. It was a pleasure to work with Cobots Online. Kevin Higgins, Operations Support Manager at Masonite UK
I found Cobots Online to be approachable, direct and honest. This approach allowed us to meet our deadlines, within budget and to a high standard. Our expectations were fully met, with added value throughout our project timeline. Cobot Online has supported local skills development and we would not hesitate to recommend them. Alan Jones, Curriculum Manager for Engineering
Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Cobots Online these last few days. They have been very professional, helpful and a pleasure to work alongside. In 11 years of industry, it is not that often you come across someone so easy to work with. I've been very impressed with their knowledge and talent programming, and they've made the job look effortless. Nicole Chamberlain, Automation and Digital Engineer
Cobots Online have supported ALM Engineering Solutions from the initial idea through to the implementation and commissioning stages. Their knowledge, training and on-going support after the installation have been excellent. The finished result does exactly as they’d promised. Aaron Walford, Production Manager
Working with Cobot Online I found a positive collaboration between education & industry which proved to be instrumental in our procurement of industrial-standard robotics and training to support the students here at Darlington College. Alan Jones, Curriculum Manager for Engineering
Cobots Online have taken this task, and worked alongside our engineers to develop a solution that has made the machine cells more flexible. The project was delivered within the given timescale. Mark Thompson, Senior Production Engineer
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Our products are designed to meet the demands of several industries. Industrial cobots are making automation affordable and providing easy to programme automation solutions for even small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly lines.
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