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Cobots Online offer training and support from the people who understand cobots and their benefits most.

We will help you through every step of the process to empower you to make the best use of your cobots.

Our team can upskill your workforce with in-depth training based around your specific production requirements. Taking you through setup and programming, all the way through to optimising programs and toolings, which will ultimately make your cobots more successful. 

At Cobots Online we ensure that all our customers are happy in the knowledge that their new automated workforce is working efficiently and your staff are enjoying more fulfilling, high-value roles and tasks. 

We will help you to increase efficiency, have error-free operations and a long life for your machine with personalised training for your operating staff. We won’t leave your side until you’re making the most of your cobots! 

Easy to Operate

Cobot based automation is designed to be easy to program, capable of 24/7 with minimum intervention. Through user-friendly technology, operators can be up and running in less than a day.

Our experts will show you how you can increase productivity with minimal cost by maximising the potential of your cobot solution.

With a comprehensive range of cobots, arm sensors, tool changes, flexible gripping solutions and accessories, any production task can be easily automated. No prior experience is required to quickly set up and operate cobots.

Cobots Online were very knowledgeable on the cobots that have been installed on-site. They were very helpful whenever we asked questions. They always made sure we understood what they was doing and why they were doing it. Equally they were very receptive to our thoughts and ideas. It was a pleasure to work with Cobots Online. Kevin Higgins, Operations Support Manager at Masonite UK
I found Cobots Online to be approachable, direct and honest. This approach allowed us to meet our deadlines, within budget and to a high standard. Our expectations were fully met, with added value throughout our project timeline. Cobot Online has supported local skills development and we would not hesitate to recommend them. Alan Jones, Curriculum Manager for Engineering
Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Cobots Online these last few days. They have been very professional, helpful and a pleasure to work alongside. In 11 years of industry, it is not that often you come across someone so easy to work with. I've been very impressed with their knowledge and talent programming, and they've made the job look effortless. Nicole Chamberlain, Automation and Digital Engineer
Cobots Online have supported ALM Engineering Solutions from the initial idea through to the implementation and commissioning stages. Their knowledge, training and on-going support after the installation have been excellent. The finished result does exactly as they’d promised. Aaron Walford, Production Manager
Working with Cobot Online I found a positive collaboration between education & industry which proved to be instrumental in our procurement of industrial-standard robotics and training to support the students here at Darlington College. Alan Jones, Curriculum Manager for Engineering
Cobots Online have taken this task, and worked alongside our engineers to develop a solution that has made the machine cells more flexible. The project was delivered within the given timescale. Mark Thompson, Senior Production Engineer
Ease of use
Step 1 - Make room for your cobot. Cobots redefine the workspace as they are designed to be compact and work in close proximity with employees without risk. Depending on the application, such as machine loading or welding, you might keep a safety distance, while allowing worker intervention. For other applications, an open space will allow workers to quickly intervene while performing other tasks in a nearby application. Cobots require workers to regularly intervene and monitor them. Workers might also need to have their cobots nearby to assist them. This provides an opportunity to create a more dynamic workspace between workers’ tasks and cobots.
Step 2 - Pick the right EOAT and accessories for your cobot. Cobots provide a wide variety of applications, from precise inspection tasks o heavy duty palletising operations. To ensure optimal use of your cobot, remember to select the right EOAT for your application. Cobots Online understand how cobots are used in different industries and processes, and can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of our cobot. With a wide range of end of arm tooling, hardware and software, we have everything you need to help you get started automating processes.
Step 3 - Performing a cobot risk assessment. Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, and many are certified by industry recognised standards. However, assessing the risks of your collaborative application is still imperative. In addition to the speed and strength of the cobot, other tools will interact with your workers. Make sure to assess the work area and any dangers, as well as configuring the safety features of the cobot in an optimal way to minimise any risk. CoboTend features dual laser scanners with multi-programmable safety zone functionality to monitor the work are for the presence of humans.
Step 4 - Train your team on cobots. Aside from those who will be operating and supervising the cobot, many other employees may have to interact with the cobot. To educate them and familiarise them with the safety protocol, it is important to train them before deployment, which will in turn ensure optimal use of your cobot. The Cobots Online team can support you to streamline the training process and reduce implementation times.
Four steps to getting started with cobots
Step 1 - Our engineers will spend time with you and your team to identify and prioritise the right tasks and processes where cobots can make the best returns to your business.
Step 2 - We will help you to develop a robust solution from concept to completion, delivering an automated solution that makes a positive different to your, your team and your bottom line.
Step 3 - Our expert team will guide you through the installation and programming of your cobot, calibrating it with your production machines to ensure correct deployment.
Step 4 - With in-house training, we will empower your team to efficiently deploy and program your cobots within hours, helping to streamline processes and reduce implementation times.
We'll support you through the entire cobot lifecycle

Once you’ve made the decision to automate, we will stay alongside you to ensure you get the most out of your investment and help you meet your production needs.  

Our expert team is always on hand to provide you with technical advice, troubleshoot any issues and assist in training your operators to effectively deploy and program your cobot solutions. 

Cobots Online will be with you from day one of your automation journey and become an integral part of your automation project team. We will advise on the latest technologies and how they can further benefit your business, empowering your company and employees to improve processes with collaborative automation. 

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