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OnRobot EOAT

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Strong yet flexible, with precise adjustment of force and stroke to fit your specific application requirements

Cleanroom certification for straightforward deployment in pharmaceutical and electronics industry

Built to withstand harsh manufacturing conditions and applications, can handle demanding payloads even in tight spaces

2FGP20 - Palletiser Gripper

Electric gripper provides fast deployment without the complexity and cost of external air supply

Off-the-shelf gripper saves significant engineering effort and shortens deployment time

Palletize heavy cardboard boxes, open boxes and other containers that cannot be gripped with vacuum

3FG15 - Finger Gripper

Fast and easy to redeploy for multiple processes, high productivity

Easy deployment, minimizes number of engineering hours

Handle multiple part sizes with large stroke gripping


Flexible (re)configuration with adjustable wrist and external mount

2.5D vision system with depth perception for unstructured applications

Easy deployment vision system with minimal programming complexity

Gecko Single Pad Gripper

No wires or external air supply needed

Can grip even perforated workpieces such as printed circuit boards, aluminium mesh or head gaskets

Leaves no marks on the glass so no manual cleaning required


Elevator's long stroke enables a wide range of palletizing tasks and future-proof cell for manufacturing changes

Integrated safety features with TÜV (certification pending) stop-functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment

Additional reach for your robot enables you to handle more types of pallet sizes, box sizes, and palletizing patterns

MG10 Magnetic Gripper

MG10 maintains its grip on workpiece even after power loss or emergecy stop

No external air supply, cabling or ongoing maintenance needed

With configurable force and part detection, MG10 can handle a wide range of part sizes, shapes and weights

RG2 Finger Gripper

Easy deployment, minimizes number of engineering hours

24/7 operations without hiring new employees

Out of the box, customized solution. Use one tool for various applications

RG2 FT Gripper

Due to sensing capabilities, it produces better quality faster

ROI – payback in less than 1 year

Gives the robot the ability to feel like a human hand

RG6 Finger Gripper

Easy deployment, minimizes number of engineering hours

24/7 operations without hiring new employees

Out of the box, customized solution. Use one tool to for various applications


Sensing capability ensures precise adaptation to surface variations or part misalignment

Automatic electric tool facilitates compliance with local health and safety regulations

Complete surface finishing solution that is easy to program and fast to setup


Automate multiple screwdriving processes with a fast, out-of-the-box setup and deployment

Fast and easy deployment with One System setup

Precise force control and intelligent error detection

Soft Gripper

Explore new possibilities for food and beverage automation

Easy deployment, minimizes number of engineering hours

Easily handle a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate objects

VG10 Electric Vacuum Gripper

No external compressed air needed saving maintenance cost

Various vacuum cups increase speed and flexibility for multiple applications

Two vacuum lines increase process speed


Compact, can work in tight spaces

No external compressed air required

Can be configured into any shape to match various parts

VGP20 Gripper

Unlimited customization, can be deployed in a wide range of applications

All electric solution that is ready to deploy out-of-the-box

Saves you up to 90% on operating and maintenance cost compared to traditional penumatic solutions

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